Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today's qualifying session (including Free Practice 3) was topsy-turvy. It was incredible to see Glock, Vettel, Bourdais, Coulthard and other midfielders taking turns to post P1 or P2 in-between the top 4 (Hamilton, Kovalainnen, Massa and Raikkonen).

But I have noticed a worrying trend with Lewis. It seems that he's overdriving his car and making mistakes. I've noticed it for the last couple of races. And I've noticed that his mood and character has changed also. He seems distracted and lets his frustration at making one mistake lead to making more.

I notice that he's been making mistakes since Canada, Magny-Cours and now Silverstone. At today's qualy session, his race engineer told him over the radio "do not overdrive, do not overdrive" and he did. I also notice that he overdrives over the last turn, touching the grass, everytime, every lap.

As a friend and a fan, I'd advise him to cool down and listen to the people around him. Get back that cool from last year. And maybe even consider an outsider to train in handling the pressure. Anthony can be the manager and have the final say but an unattached outsider would make sense to talk him down, to teach him to focus again.

Lewis, I know I'm one of the little people, a nobody. But since I'm an outsider, I can see things you can't. And I'm telling you, better stand back and take a good look at what's happening around you if you want to become world champion.

Oh BTW, congrats to Heikki for his first pole. I knew he could do it after he showed just how competitive he was in my F1 Simulator at KL Hilton this year.

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