Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's interesting looking at the upcoming race which happens to be the last of the season and the title decider. A lot is riding on Lewis' and Massa' shoulders this weekend. Perhaps more on Lewis' shoulders for many reasons but it would seem that the heaviest burden he is carrying would be to become the first black world champion.

Sometimes I feel that the whole F1 world is against a black driver winning and being so good. It's like they are shocked that a black guy could be so good. Maybe they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure it doesn't happen. Eddie Jordan is making a point about it. Makes sense.

And what is all this talk about Lewis' arrogance? Yes, I admit he does sound arrogant nowadays and personally, I'd like him to tone it down a bit but if you're looking for arrogance, look no further than Maranello and Mr Montezemollo. That is arrogance at it's finest.

Anyway, looking at this weekend's race, a lot is at stake. Lewis has to be calm and focused. I'd be looking out for Massa as he is surely desperate for the title which is a Massa trait - being desperate that is. It shows on his face all the time. Maybe he won't try to crash into Lewis, we have to look out for Kimi.

Whatever it is, lets try to enjoy the race and no cheating please.

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