Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is the provisional 2009 calendar released by FIA which is the 3rd version so far. Maybe there'll be another revision, I don't know but for now this is how it looks like. This calendar was published by F1Wolf.

2009 Provisional F1 calendar:
Revised on November 5, 2008

29 March - Australia
5 April - Malaysia
19 April - China
26 April - Bahrain
10 May - Spain
24 May - Monaco
7 June - Turkey
21 June - Great Britain
12 July - Germany
26 July - Hungary
– summer break –
23 August - Europe (Valencia)
30 August - Belgium
13 September - Italy
27 September - Singapore
4 October - Japan
18 October - Brazil
1 November - Abu Dhabi

At least Malaysia's race will be not so late into April. I'm looking forward to that as I'll probably be working at Sepang during race week and Lewis and Anthony will be here. Though I'm not sure whether we'll be able to meet as the world champ would be very busy and popular.


F1Wolf said...

I may be returning to Sepang in 2009 after one year pause, did not feel well this year watching the race from sofa :-)

John said...

I have already booked my flights for '09 and it was a bit scary to hear on the radio that they revised the calendar. Lucky they only move the starting time, and not the date.

Alvin, just exactly what do you for living that you can get to work in Sepang and meet all the drivers?

Alvin Kassim said...


Yep..sofas can do that..maybe we can meet up next year eh?


Good to hear that you're coming next year. I used to run a F1 simulator rental biz for 4 years and my sister in law runs the F&B contract at Sepang so I get to be at certain events which involve the teams and sometimes drivers.

Lets hook up on Facebook if you have an account - look for Alvin Kassim.

John said...

Its my annual trip for the race, would do anything to make sure I dont miss it. BTW, we are already connected on facebook...