Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Racism is alive and well, as we can see and feel throughout the 2008 F1 season. It was very clearly evident in how the so called "fans" are racially opposed to Lewis this year in Barcelona, Brazil and China.

I felt that also this year even though I didn't want to admit it. It came to a head during the Brazilian GP how much the F1 world didn't want Lewis to win because he is black. Anthony knew it too. It's that simple. From the FIA to the teams to the drivers to the fans, I felt that insatiable need for the sport to remain "white". Yes, F1 is a white mans sport, that's why they can't take it that a black kid came out of nowhere to kick all their butts.

I symphatise with Lewis because I'm not white, I'm a Malaysian but most whities will lump me together with the blacks and other minorities. Not only that, I'm not rich either. I understand the need for the rich to keep me out of their circle as I have been around them for a long time. So this racism is nothing new to me.

That is why I get along with Anthony and Lewis and they get along with me. That is why I support Lewis and want him to win. The world is getting nastier everyday and it needs to be shown the truth, that you can't run down a good person and that right will always trump wrong sooner or later.

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