Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ferrari reiterate threat to quit Formula One

How can the rules be the same for everyone when Ferrari has veto rights and nobody else does?

Wednesday 20th May 2009

Ferrari have made it clear that they won't hesitate to go through with their threat to pull out of Formula One so that they can "compete in races of a calibre worthy of the marque".

The Maranello outfit on Wednesday lost its court application for an injunction against the FIA's controversial proposal to introduce a budget cap in next year's Championship.

Ferrari, who along with Renault, Toyota and Red Bull have threatened to quit the sport, also gave the first indication that it might take part in another competition.

A statement from the team read: 'If it is not possible for all parties to reach agreement, then in line with the decision of the Main Board, taken on 12th May, Ferrari will not enter its cars in a competition that, with the planned scenario in place, would see a watering down of the characteristics that have endowed Formula 1 with the status of the most important motor sport series and that have specifically led to the Maranello marque's uninterrupted participation in the World Championship since 1950. In this situation, Ferrari will continue to compete in races of a calibre worthy of the marque, matching its level of innovation and technological research.'

The Scuderia, though, says while it is still considering whether to press ahead with legal action, it will continue to work with FOTA and the FIA to find common ground.

'While continuing to evaluate whether or not to continue with this legal action already underway, Ferrari confirms its commitment to work within FOTA in conjunction with the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder to ensure that Formula 1 is a series where the rules are the same for everyone and which benefits from stability in the regulations, while continuing the work of the past few months in moving forward methodically and gradually towards reducing costs.'

Source : Planet F1

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