Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Didn't I say it would be bonkers? It was a great race even if a little boring in the middle but not without lots of overtaking. Hulkenberg failed to live up to some bloated expectations, we were expecting him to be overtaken easily at the start but he managed to hold back Alonso for a while. What was worse (or better), he managed to hold back Lewis for a lot of laps. Lewis had to wait for the pitstops just to get ahead.

Which says something about the McLaren. It just can't match the Red Bulls and Ferrari on any pace anywhere now. Seems like bye bye championship for Lewis. The constructors has been lost to Red Bull already. Congrats to Red Bull by the way.

So now we look forward to a battle royale at the season finale in Abu Dhabi this weekend. A lot can happen and it will be interesting to see how Vettel and Webber handle this race. It is still amazing to see Alonso's signle minded approach and his self belief and confidence. Incredible. If he wins the WDC this year I salute him.

Can't wait for Sunday.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The penultimate race of a bonkers season is upon us this weekend. And what a season with ups and downs for everybody and changes of leads for both championships occurring almost at every other race.

Right now, the championship is as tight as it can get with 4 drivers reasonably able to snatch the championship at any given moment. Alonso, Webber, Hamilton and Vettel - Button is out as it would be impossible to imagine the 4 others having a DNF this race. Vettel is not looking too either and could be out after this race with 25 point deficit to the top plus his ability to self destruct especially under pressure.

I'd put my money on either Alonso or Webber but my personal preference would be Hamilton. I'm not sure how he's gonna do it but McLaren have to get their act together from this race onwards and Hamilton will for sure be wringing that car's neck to the podium.

On top of all that, Brazil with it's unique layout and weather will surely present one of the most exciting races on the calendar. Can't wait for Sunday.


The FIA today finally confirmed the 2011 Formula 1 calendar and it's looking good with 20 races especially the new race in India. I'm looking forward to hosting more people at our home race here in Sepang and being able to bring people also to races in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and India via our new enterprise - P1 Motorsports Hospitality (link here).

2011 Formula 1 calendar

13/03 Bahrain
27/03 Australia
10/04 Malaysia
17/04 China*
08/05 Turkey
22/05 Spain
29/05 Monaco
12/06 Canada
26/06 Europe
10/07 Great Britain
24/07 Germany
31/07 Hungary
28/08 Belgium
11/09 Italy
25/09 Singapore
09/10 Japan
16/10 Korea
30/10 India*
13/11 Abu Dhabi
27/11 Brazil

*Subject to the homologation of the circuit.