Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Not again?!
What can I say? It was confirmation that the Red Bull car is fast on fast tracks. Not only are they fast on high downforce tracks, but now they are fast on low downforce tracks as well. That means they are fast on all tracks. Which means I will have to watch The Simpsons more often.

It was always going to be a difficult race for the title contenders except Vettel as Alonso started in P5, Hamilton P12 and Raikonnen P11. Vettel romped away at the start as expected, not even a wheel lockup doing anything to his dominance. Raikonnen had his front wing smashed which left lots of debris for Hamilton to step on and get a slow puncture. Both had good race pace but were pushed back into the field due to unnecessary pitstops.

Basically Vettel had another of his dominant races where he just cruised from lights to flag. The only interesting part of the race was behind him where fights were on-going and incredible overtaking was taking place. Much of the overtaking was done without DRS so double DRS zones on the fastest track on the calendar does just not make sense.

Now Vettel has a huge lead over Alonso with no signs his car will have issues with track types or mechanical problems. I'm not sure I want to watch the next race. Vettel waqs booed on the podium at Monza, expected at Ferrari home race and a Ferrari driver not winning. But this booing has not been happening regularly at Monza either when a non-Ferrari driver won. It seems to be following Vettel now. People are tired of the Schumacher era dominance, 5 years in a row. Now we have 3 years in a row and soon to be 4. So, no matter what you think booing is, good or bad, it will follow Vettel till the end of this season. Quite nice if you ask me.
Damn that little twat..

But where does the real fault lies in this season? Or the 3 seasons before? Is it Adrian Newey designing such a bad ass car and Vettel driving it perfectly? Or is it other teams not designing a bad ass car, their drivers not driving it bad ass and their teams not performing perfectly? Right now it is easy to blame Red Bull and Vettel (which feels quite nice really, won't change even if someone else wins) but I think the real blame lies with the other teams and drivers.

Why are they not upping their game? Not performing better? Not doing more? Instead their falling over themselves and making mistakes after mistakes. It's not that Vettel and Red Bull are great, it's that the competition is weak. Wake up motherfuckers!!! I'm not going to watch Vettel steamroll over all the remaining races, this year's championship and next year's too. Something has got to change.

For a detailed analysis of the race, please read the race strategy report by James Allen HERE.

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