Monday, July 21, 2008


Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the German GP and doing it in style with 2 hardcore overtaking maneuvers of Felipe Massa and Nelson Piquet Jr. It was to be expected as the pace of the McLaren was strong and consistent all weekend.

I was quite afraid for Lewis when the SC came out and he didn't pit. Everybody knew that he had to pit sooner than later and there was no way he could amass 25 seconds in 14 laps or so. But when he came out behind Heikki and fought his way to the win, it was priceless.

Though, it was too bad for Heikki. He knew he had to give way to Lewis as Lewis was faster but more importantly, Heikki didn't have a chance at the championship but Lewis does. I don't think it was team orders as Heikki understood the situation. But it was sad to see that he couldn't fight his way after that or at least maintain his position. He could've been on the podium.

I was also frustrated that Heidfeld couldn't take Massa in the final few laps. He was so close, if he was more aggresive or hungry, we'd see something different. As for Nelson, I thought he was just plain lucky. One wayward podium doesn't say much and I don't think he'll be racing next year with Renault. Worst was Alonso. On a day when he said that Nelson wouldn't score points, Nelson did and to rub it in, was 2nd. To put salt to the wound, Alonso finished 11th - out of the points.

Looking at Lewis' driving yesterday, I would say that he's maturing as a driver. The cool is working again. He was aggresive when he needed to be and cool when he needed to be. Finishing the race with points is more important than winning but if you win it, so much the better. Consistency is key.


Boy Goerge said...

Hamilton is the man right now. He is unstoppable. He is having a fantastic year.

Alvin Kassim said...

hi boy goerge,

thank you for your comment. do come back