Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hamilton Snr: My family has taken a lot of stick

Tuesday 4th November 2008

Anthony Hamilton has spoken of the ill-will and abuse directed towards his son Lewis in the build-up to last Sunday's title showdown in Brazil.

In the days leading up to the season finale the McLaren driver was racially abused on a Spanish website, earning the condemnation of both the FIA and the British government.

However, the abuse later got up close and personal as two Brazilian comedians insulted Lewis during a press conference before handing him a toy black cat - a symbol of bad luck in the eyes of the Brazilian people.

It didn't stop with Lewis, though, as his brother Nick was also handed a black cat as he entered the hotel where the family was staying.

But despite the ill-will directed at Lewis and his family, the Brit rose above, winning the 2008 Drivers' Championship title by one point over local hero Felipe Massa. While the Brazilian was dignified personified in the wake of Hamilton's victory, sections of the crowd booed the Englishman as he celebrated his title triumph.

"I thought that was extremely unprofessional," Hamilton senior told The Guardian. "But do you know what they fail to realise? We've a black cat at home and she has been extremely positive for us.

"My family has taken a lot of stick this past week, not just this week, but the past few months. I did think that maybe this isn't the place for my family because as a parent you make sure you do right for your family and kids.

"But I never said anything to Lewis. I kept it to myself, even though I was going home thinking, 'I didn't think the world was quite like this'. And then you think 'It's just the way it is', and I'd send Lewis a text saying 'whatever happens, people love you'.

"The negative people are a small percentage, and even the negative ones have a heart."
Anthony, though, made it clear that no matter the publicity - good or bad - or the way people treat his family, the Hamiltons will rise above.

"We came into this to do a decent job and we deserve to be here. If people like us, then great. If [they] don't, then I am sad for them and maybe God will forgive them.

"But we are decent people and remain decent people. I just don't understand why our message gets missed. But when things go against you, you rise above it and get stronger and stronger.
"Everything negative thrown at us is just huge positive energy. It's like fuel, the more you give us the more it fuels us, and it's brilliant. You can't run and hide."

Source : Planet F1

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