Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lewis pays tribute to his dad

Wednesday 5th November 2008

Lewis Hamilton has praised the impact of father Anthony in helping him become Formula One World Champion.

Anthony has been the one constant in Lewis' life since he started out on the road to title glory at the age of eight in karting.

Supporting what began as a hobby, despite financial hardship, Anthony played not only the fatherly role, but was also an advisor and mentor, even a mechanic as he also repaired the karts.
As Lewis then worked his way through the various categories and ultimately into F1 with McLaren, Anthony has remained by his side, and now also serves as his manager.

When asked as to what his dad had meant to him over the years en route to becoming champion, it was not an easy question for him to answer as Anthony was stood just a few feet away.

With emotion in his voice, he initially replied: "He's been an inspiration, positive in many ways."
After a pause, Hamilton then broke the ice as he joked: "But he's a dad, a pain in the arse sometimes as well!"

Returning more seriously to the subject, he commented: "He's been fantastic.

"It's easier for him because he can stand there, whilst I have to take everything on my shoulders.

"But he has done all the work to get me where I am, made all the sacrifices from the beginning, and even now he is still doing that.

"He's given an incredible amount of dedication, not just to me, but the family. He is a huge family man.

"The man I am today is a reflection of him, and this title I have won is a reflection of him, his support and my family.
"He means the world to me."

There can be no doubt Anthony is the driving force behind 'Team Hamilton' that includes his mum Carmen, step-mum Linda, brother Nic, as well as the leading figures at McLaren in boss Ron Dennis, trainer Adam Costanza and doctor Aki Hintsa.

But there is also another figure who has started to play an integral role in Hamilton's life, girlfriend and Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Scherzinger was among the leading players in the McLaren garage at Sunday's title-deciding Brazilian Grand Prix and she could be seen willing Hamilton onto his ultimate Championship victory.

When asked about his girlfriend and how instrumental she had now become, Hamilton initially paused to reflect on his answer.

He then replied: "The important thing to me is to have my family there, giving me their support.
"They help me keep my feet on the ground, keep a balance in my whole life.

"There are so many things that try to distract me, and they are the ones who do their utmost to ensure I stay focused.

"She's just another part of that bubble, that shield, around me.

"She is nothing but positive energy, an amazing person. She flew all the way out there to support me, and she brought me all the positive energy she could.

"So it meant a huge amount to have her there supporting me."

Source : Planet F1

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