Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Medals to replace points next year

Another crappy idea from Bernie, as some have suggested it is a knee jerk reaction and Eddie Jordan has said it right when he said it was nonsense. Although on the surface it looks to make sense but there are problems with this scheme as some readers of other websites have suggested and I'm repeating it here.

  1. A guy who won 2 races still wins the WDC even though another guy has won once and finishes all other races second.
  2. A guy can win 8 races then just sit at home waiting to collect his WDC.
  3. There'll be so much overtaking and moves to try to overtake that it will be dangerous because there'll be so much more accidents.
  4. Qualifying again will decide the race as it is suddenly life or death to qualify in front.
  5. F1 will become boring.
Sometimes I wished the people running F1 would just drop dead and be replaced by others with brains.

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