Sunday, November 2, 2008


Wow, the race will be on in another 5 hours and my hearts beating fast. This is gonna be one interesting and exciting race to watch. Too bad I'll have to miss the first hour as I'm working shifts but I'll be back to catch the last part.

I'm rooting for Lewis to clinch the world title, of course. He doesn't have to win this race, Massa can have it. At the end of the day, it's the title that matters. I hope this race will be clean without any other driver intervention cos if Massa wins the world title with somebody else's help, it will be tainted as Rubens puts it. And I hope there will be no more FIA interference either as we wouldn't want to wait hours or days to know the outcome.

And to make sure, McLaren has spent $7m to make sure Lewis' car is ready for the Brazilian GP. That money achieved just 0.15s improvement over Shanghai. And in the same report, it seems that Nelson Piquet Snr doesn't think Lewis will make it past the first corner because "a lot of drivers don't like him". So what do they like, being branded a cheat and low life driver for the rest of their careers and possibly banned from F1? What an ass!

Here's to Lewis. Good luck and show the F1 world that nomatter how hard they tried to deny the first black driver world champion, righteousness always wins the day.

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John said...

Hi Alvin,

I hope the result is to your pleasing. It was a hell of a race. I do feel for Massa though. He did a perfect race which began and ended in wet condition. He was so close yet so far. For a moment, everyone thought he had bagged the WC...nevertheless, the it was a good race, one that will be remembered for years with the way it ends.