Monday, November 3, 2008


First of all, I have to say what a race! The last 2 laps was the most exciting and scariest laps of my whole F1 watching career for as long as I can remember. It's like, after all the planning and all those laps, suddenly Vettel could overtake Lewis and there was nothing Lewis could do about it.

I was watching with baited breath and wanted to jump with joy in celebrating Lewis' win but he was in 6th and I was holding my head, thinking to myself how it could have gone wrong again, ready to blame Kubica for his unecessary un-lapping move. Then after Lewis crosses the line and the cameras after showing celebration in the Ferrari garage shifted to show celebration in the McLaren garage. I was dumbfounded, confused. It kind of took away the celebration for me, anti-climax.

Though I'm glad Lewis won the title finally after what he went through last year and after what the whole F1 world put him through this year, it was almost like they didn't want him or a black person to win. I'm glad Lewis put them all in their place. Only problem is, deep inside I felt the win was because Glock had a problem with his tyres adn both Lewis and vettel managed to overtake him. Imagine if Glock didn't have any problems at all?

I was hoping Lewis could've taken the title in a more convincing manner. But like Massa said, even a 1 point difference means that Lewis is the champion. It was won fair and square. Although I'm sure the Ferrari supporters won't stop at the Glock conspiracy and that Massa was robbed of the championship.

Actually, come to think of it, without FIA interference and unfair penalties for Lewis plus unfair benefits for Ferrari/Massa, Lewis would've been champion 2 or 3 races ago. It just goes to show that Lewis does deserve the championship.

Well, it's now the winter season and hopefully McLaren will be ready for all the changes for 2009. I hope next year Heikki does better for himself and the team. He was absent for most of this season. Imagine Vettel in a McLaren...

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John said...

Lewis almost lost it again, but had Glock pit for tyres, Lewis would have come out before him anyhow. Just the drama for the last two laps gave hope for the home crowd, Massa's family and himself.

But I feel proud for Massa when he graciously accepted his defeat and thank the crowd for the support.