Monday, June 22, 2009

Hamilton thanks fans with naughty doughnut


Plenty of home support for Hamilton and Button
Lewis Hamilton was lightly admonished after performing an illegal doughnut for the British public at the end of what could have been Silverstone's last Grand Prix.

Having won by more than a minute last year, the 24-year-old returned this weekend as reigning world champion but qualified next-to-last before being lapped on Sunday.

FIA stewards frown upon doughnuts, but Hamilton lit up his tyres after only delivering 16th place for his compatriots in the race.

It also annoyed his McLaren engineers, protective of the V8 unit that will have to be used elsewhere this season. Hamilton confirmed with a smile that "the team were moaning a little bit.

He had said after qualifying that the local fans are the ones who are really helping me to get through" the misery of his current lack of competitiveness.

"I tried to show my appreciation on the (slowing down) lap and I had a little bit of fun," said Hamilton.

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