Monday, June 8, 2009

Hamilton: 'That was thoroughly enjoyable'

Sunday 7th June 2009

Think that Lewis Hamilton endured a miserable Turkish GP? Think again. The World Champion has claimed that he "thoroughly enjoyed" the race despite finishing way out of the points in a car that was a full two seconds slower than Jenson Button's victorious Brawn.

Smiling broadly despite the frustration of driving the deficient MP4-24, Hamilton's defiant and cheery response to his predicament was in sharp - and impressive - contrast to his monosyballic petulance of the early season when it become clear that defending his title would be impossible.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the race," he assured the BBC. "I was very, very heavy and it was just impossible to keep up with the rest of the guys but I just pushed and pushed and pushed. I was way over the limit and that is why I am smiling: I fulfilled my driving potential."

Having earlier in the weekend called for the team not to rush through quick-fix improvements to his malfunctioning car and instead search for a long-term solution, Hamilton repeated his plea by urging focus on next year.

"To the guys back home I just say keep pushing, keep your chins up and let's come back next season."

Source : Planet F1

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