Thursday, August 20, 2009

FIA releases 2010 Technical and Sporting Regulations

The FIA has issued the Technical and sporting Regulations for the 2010 Formula One World Championship.

Main points

  • No budget cap.
  • KERS to be retained.
  • Titles to be decided on points not medals.
  • To accommodate the need for cars to carry enough fuel for a full race, the weight limit has been raised to 620 kg.
  • Q3 will see a shootout between the drivers that survive Q1 and Q2 all running on low fuel.
  • Eight engine rule to remain in place - despite calls for drivers to be allowed only five engines a season.
  • Only change to in-season testing rules is that teams are restricted to eight straight-line tests and limited running on "promotional" tires.
  • Windtunnel testing limited to 60 per cent scale models (or smaller), and speeds capped at 50 mps.

Click here to see the full Technical Regulations (pdf) and here to see the full Sporting Regulations (pdf).

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