Saturday, August 22, 2009


About time! Finally, the upgrades work and they've got the problem pinned down. I knew at the Nurburgring that the changes were working and it showed at Hungary. This week during all practice sessions and now qualifying, it's proven that the McLaren cars are fit for duty and will stay at the sharp end of the grid for the rest of the season.

Lewis was all relaxed and cruising as it looked like his car is almost perfect. Although both he and Kovalainnen had different wheelbase cars, both seemed to work well. As usual, Kovalainnen is off Lewis' pace slightly. But the Brawns are back and it looks like tomorrowit will be McLaren vs Brawns. With KERS thrown in.

The Red Bulls were off the pace with Webber making some mistakes in his rush and Vettel being demoted for an engine change. Ferrari is pretty off also with Raikonnen off the pace and Badoer providing all the fun. It's great seeing a Ferrari starting from last.

Sutil in the Force India was great. he provided a great show and thrashed Fisi nicely. He would do well in a good car. The 2 BMWs were not too bad either, managing to get in 9th and 10th, courtesy of Vettel of course.

And Grosjean proved once and for all that Piquet was no fluke, Piquet was that bad. Grosjean stayed close to Alonso all along but didn't managed to go to Q3. Shame.

All in all, tomorrow is gonna be a good race in a boring location. Looking forward to the 2 McLarens KERsing their way away at the start.

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