Thursday, August 20, 2009

McLaren want to see more from Heikki

I'd like to see more from Heikki. To be honest, he's not delivering the points the team needs since last year. In races where Lewis is not scoring the maximum points or is not scoring points at all, Heikki is also not scoring or adding to the tally. I like Heikki actually as he is a nice person, I've met him personally a couple of times. I've also had him in an F1 simulator and he was incredible to watch, his performance was also great. But compared to Lewis in the same simulator, he is still lacking something. On the track, with the same machine he can't match Lewis for performance either. I've got a feeling next year he won't be around.

"Heikki is doing, as a team player, a fantastic job in this team," Whitmarsh said in a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 'Phone-In' media call. "On his own evaluation he has not raced as well as he would have liked and we would have liked him to this year.

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