Friday, September 11, 2009


It seems now that Crashgate is confirmed as leaked transcript of the investigation interview with Piquet is available and reported widely. It's only a question of who is the culprit - was it Piquet or Flavio that suggested/instructed the crash. Either was, a deliberate crash was orchestrated and cheating happened at the 2008 Singapore GP.

Alonso has denied any knowledge of the planned crash, saying he was "shocked" to learn of this. Funny thing is, according to Piquet Alonso was put on an aggressive strategy where he would pit on lap 12 because the crash would happen on lap 13/14. This is what Piquet said:
"The key to this strategy resided in the fact that the near-knowledge that the safety car would be deployed in lap thirteen/fourteen allowed the Team to start Mr. Alonso's car with an aggressive fuel strategy using a light car containing enough fuel to arrive at lap twelve, but not much more.
I wonder why didn't Alonso question that strategy call? Didn't he feel funny to be pitting in so early compared to the others? A driver with his caliber and experience was totally oblivious to it?


John said...

Hi Alvin, It has been sometime that I left a comment...and with the crashgate, I do have hypothetical scenario that I would like to share with you.

IF, Massa finished 7th, and Hamilton stayed 3rd in that race, and had Renault found guilty for the act and stripped off the race win, theoretically that would promote Nico to the top step of the podium, and Hamilton second. Had that happened (with Massa finishing 7th), Lewis would get 2 extra points, and Massa would take 3 points after being promoting to 6th. Hence taking his season total points even with Hamilton. Would FIA stripped Hamilton's WC since Massa had even the points and had more wins on his hand??

That's would be really crazy!

Alvin Kassim said...

Hi John,

It seems a lot of people are speculating about this outcome and the possible ramifications. perhaps the outcome of that particular race might change but the FIA will not want to change the results especially if it involved a WC. If I'm not mistaken, it's writtent in the rules somewhere.

Anyway, who's to say that the race results after Singapore 2008 would have stayed the same? Lewis might have won more races after that or even won Brazil ouright. That would really mess things up.