Thursday, September 10, 2009


This is about Crashgate again. Beware though as the reports are currently unsubstantiated but it gets us drooling at the prospect, doesn't it?

These "reports" are now saying that :
Piquet Jnr is alleged to be claiming that he was told to deliberately crash his car at Turn 17 on either the 13th or 14 lap of the race. The exact timing of the incident was important because it would need to happen after Fernando Alonso hade made his pit-stop, while the location was vital because at Turn 17 there isn't a crane with which cars can be lifted to safety. In other words, the Safety Car would have to be deployed. For their part, while Briatore and Symonds admit that a meeting did take place, they allege that it was Piquet Jnr who came up with the cunning plan.

So the finger pointing has started. What is interesting is and this is if the reports are true, whatever the outcome and whoever is responsible, Renault did commit a crime. They did plan to cheat and they did cheat because the crash happened and Alonso won the race.

What gives credence to the case is that the FIA and World Motor Sports Council "would never have called the extraordinary meeting of the WMSC unless it had evidence other than that of a driver (and father) with an obvious grudge."


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