Friday, October 9, 2009


This is an interesting bit of news. It seems that the organizers of the penultimate race of this season at Interlagos, Brazil have decided to have some fun and add some novelty to the race by having Felipe Massa wave the chequered flag to signal the finish of the race.

Taking into consideration what happened to Massa and the fact he is currently out of the racing, that sounds nice and sweet. But imagine if the race was won by Lewis Hamilton this year? I can't imagine the look on Massa's face having to wave the flag for Hamilton at his home race after losing the championship to Lewis last year in such dramatic fashion.

Image courtesy of The F1 Files.

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Bruno said...

Hi Alvin,
been reading your blog for a while now- I am also a huge Lewis Fan since his GP2 days, met him once last year for a brief moment in Singapore. Have you been to Singapore GP ? Lets keep in touch !