Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yoong speechless at Petronas deal

Well, finally Petronas signs back into F1 after flirting with a possible move to Sauber to Lotus F1. I knew somehow Petronas wanted to stay in F1 and that the strongest candidate would have been Sauber but I did not expect this at all.

Now all Mercedes will have to use Syntium instead of Mobil 1 and Petronas ads will use Mercs instead of BMW cars. Should be exciting times for Petronas staff as they'll have new merchandise to use. I can't wait to see the new livery and merchandise.

The best piece of news is that Alex Yoong is speechless. Ha ha..what did he expect? That Petronas would just roll over and obey? Support a so called national team? Petronas is not stupid, they have been left in the dark before by these useless glamour hungry idiots and they won't repeat the same mistake.

Yoong said on Twitter:
"Petronas signs with Mercedes GP," he wrote. "Words fail me. Mercedes is a good team, no doubt, but what Lotus is doing is completely ground-breaking and brave and Petronas not seeing that fills me with shame."
What fills me with shame is having the name Alex Yoong associated with F1 and Malaysia in one sentence. BTW Alex, what Lotus is doing is not "ground-breaking and brave", it is either foolhardy or just plain stupid, expecially with all the marketing statements made by the people in the team who have no knowledge of F1. Shame.

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