Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Mercedes GP has launched their new livery for 2010 and their new car is to be called the Mercedes MGP-W01. This livery was launched on the old Brawn GP BGP001 though because the Mercedes car is actually to be launched next week in Valencia. But that didn't stop Mercedes from wasting money on this sort of pre-launch.

Overall, the livery looks good although I can't make out the actual color from the pictures. Maybe when the car is out in the sun then we'll be able to appreciate the actual colors. It doesn't look very silver to me, the report says that there are 2 different silvers there..hmmm.

On another note, Schumacher was upset that his record has been questioned again. And it was also questioned whether he might repeat the way he won his championships again. He wasn't very happy with that. Personally, I think he will go back to his old ways and cheat. Ross is there and so is Jean Todt, so the chances of him winning again is very high.

Talking about upset, Nico Rosberg is showing a united front. He seems very excited at the prospect of racing with a good car and team together with a multiple world champion but I don't buy it. Everything was looking rosy for him when suddenly Schumacher joined the team. Not only is Schumacher is buddies with Ross Brawn and Jean Todt, he has taken Rosberg's new car number, citing superstition.

It would be interesting to see how Schumi operates in this new setup and whether he can still command a number one status. I hope Rosberg doesn't get the Barichello treatment here, in fact I hope he shows Schumacher the door.

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Kirstel said...

This is an ultimate big move for Mercedes. Actually, Im starting to love the change. I think the new GP BGP001 will amaze the crowd including the top racers. I believe Schumacher should not be upset, it's part of the game. There are people who always want to destroy his credibility.