Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hamilton parts ways with Hamilton senior

Hmm, I was quite surprised to learn that Anthony has stopped being Lewis' manager as of this season. I wonder who Lewis will hire to represent him in future, I have no idea at all as I have not been in contact with both of them for quite some time.

Lewis said:

"I'm 25 now - and I think it was inevitable that there had to be change at some point,"

"You see, because my dad has always been my manager, and because we've always been working and doing business stuff, I've not fully had that relationship with my dad since when I was maybe a kid and we went radio control car racing - and did it just for fun.

Whoever it is, it better be a reputable person and Lewis better introduce him to me..haha. Anyway, we'll find out more when the race comes to Sepang. I will of course try to have lunch with Anthony to catch up on the year that was. I do still believe that Anthony will still continue to play a role and have some influence in decisions Lewis makes in the future. Perhaps the new manager may even have to double check things with Anthony before proceeding. I know that Anthony takes a very personal interest in anything to do with Lewis.

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