Friday, April 9, 2010


India will be hosting a round of the F1 world championship in 2011 (postponed from 2010 as they had to host some Commonwealth games). That should be an exciting race as it will be in a country of 1.3 billion people who are starting to support F1 and the fact that there is an Indian team and an Indian driver in the mix would stir up interest.

What's more important though is the track itself. Would it provide an interesting race and would it be exciting to drive? Well, here is the proposed layout of the new track. It looks simple enough with some interesting elevations but don't expect much as it is another Tilke creation. Hopefully we can download the track to our simulator and give it a go soon.

So what do you think?


James Sandberg said...

It’s back!
Have you checked out the Smirnoff India website? It is talking about the Smirnoff Experience parties happening in May!

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Alvin Kassim said...

Thanks guys for the comments, enjoy the rest of the season..