Monday, May 31, 2010


What a race. With everybody expecting a boring race, it turned out otherwise. Quite an entertaining and edge of your seat race I must say.

The start was good and clean. Lewis lost a position to Vettel because he was on the dirty side of the grid, so did Button to Schumacher. I was worried that Button wouldn't have the balls to take back the position and would just sit behind Schumacher for 50 laps but he proved me wrong by taking back the place further down the road.

On the whole, the whole race was worth watching as there were battles up and down the order. The most interesting part was the battle between the Red Bulls and the McLarens. It seems to me that McLaren has caught up with Red Bull on race pace as the four of them were trading fastest lap times and fastest sector times all the time.

I'm happy to note that McLaren have found the pace to close to Red Bull and that their reliability is so much better. Now all they need is to do better in qualifying and to improve their pit work. Lewis could have overtaken Webber in the pits if not for a slow pitstop which put him behind Vettel. Although that didn't matter as the 2 Red Bulls clashed afterwards.

Talking about that clash, it seemed strange that Vettel seems to have run into Webber. He was faster at that point, that's why he could put his car right next to Webber's and there was a left turn coming up, so it didn't make sense for him to run into Webber. Unless, Vettel needed the space to turn left and Webber didn't give any. Webber did say that he was holding the racing line. But according to team principal Horner, it was a bit of both but ultimately both drivers lost their heads at the time.

A shame but a good result for the McLarens. Although to be fair, winning by a gift like this does take the shine away. To be honest, as fast as the McLarens were, they could not challenged the Red Bulls for the win outright. If not for the crash, Lewis would have finished P3 and he admitted as much.
"..winning today doesn't feel quite as good as it sometimes does. That's because it's a little bit different from some of my previous race victories: ideally, the racer in me wants to win by overtaking the guys in front, not by seeing them crash out in front of me. Rather than inheriting a win, it's much nicer to fight your way past your rivals and earn the win the hard way."
I so agree with him on this point. Winning the hard way is always better. You wouldn't hear such humbleness from Alonso.

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