Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, the Canadian GP at Montreal is back. I'm glad it's back as Montreal is a very nice and fun circuit to drive, even though it looks simple and boring. It's very fast as it has a lot of long straights punctuated by chicanes. Plus the races here is always not processions as there's always something going on up and down the track. And it's raining there now.

The Bulls still look good for a strong performance here, as they are everywhere. But at least we can hope for a strong fight from McLaren, whose F-Duct will definitely give them a big advantage as Montreal is just full of straights. Also in their favour is the fact that the Bulls are strong in fast corners but Montreal has not much fast corners.

I'm also looking forward to Robert Kubica making some sort of upset here as he has been good at this track. Even though he had a very serious crash here in 2007, he won the race in 2008 (albeit being gifted the race win as the leader at the time retired). Here is the video from that crash, watching it again puts the Massa accident to shame.

Somebody made a 3D animation of the same crash and it is a fantastic video, showing how the crash happened in detail with highlights of the parts of the car that saved his life.

I'm looking forward to the Force Indias making an impact as they have a very good straight line speed. Adrian Sutil should be able to fight for position in the top 10 and score some good points. Not too sure about Liuzzi though but then again he has a new chassis, so maybe both cars could make in to the top 10.

As for the rest, nothing much to say. Lotus dreaming of scoring their first points ever is a bit too high an expectation. The only way is for some huge accident involving 15 cars or something to make that happen.

Anyway, looking forward to F1 action again at a great circuit although I'll be sleepy at midnight as the race airs here at that time. And with the world cup starting at the same weekend plus the Le Mans 24 hours race also on-going, it's gonna be a tiring but exciting weekend. Have a great weekend everybody.

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