Friday, October 5, 2012


Well it seems that the inevitable has come to pass. It has been going on for some time, ever since rumours of Lewis Hamilton switching from McLaren started to fill the airwaves. When it was announced that Hamilton would move to Mercedes and take over Schumacher's seat, it was certain that Schumacher would have to either get another drive somewhere else (Sauber was mentioned as Perez vacated his seat) or simply retire.

Today he has confirmed it. After 3 years in his second career, Michael Schumacher has officially retired......again. It was an uninspiring attempt to bring back the glory days I must say. Of course the car didn't help much by being slow, unreliable and difficult to understand the balance. Schumacher could have done better if the car was better, we all know that. But his team mate showed that the car is either not that bad or he can drive around the problems (and Schumi can't).

Either way, it was a fun ride Mike and we wish you the best. Where will he go now? He could either go to another team or test for Pirelli or work for a team or just.........................retire.


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