Wednesday, December 5, 2012


At the conclusion of its second season in F1 since its return, Pirelli has issued a range of statistics relating to tyres, circuits, pit stops, overtakes and just about everything else… even mascarpone!


Total number of tyres provided for the season: Race tyres: 31,800 of which 22,500 dry tyres and 9,300 wet tyres plus an additional 6,600 for the tests (not including development tyres)

Of which (for race tyres only): supersoft: 6 % / soft: 25 % / medium: 21 % / hard: 17 % / intermediate: 18 % / wet: 11 % / 2 % development tyres

Total numbers of tyres used: Dry tyres: 21,400; wet tyres: 2,100

Number of tyres recycled during 2012: All, i.e. 31,800 race tyres plus 6,600 test tyres

Average life span of a dry compound this season: 180 km

Average life span of a wet compound this season: 140 km


Longest continuous energy input into a tyre: India (turn 10-11)

Longest race of the year: Malaysia in 2h 44:51.812

Shortest race of the year: Great Britain in 1h 25:11.288

Most laps run on Pirelli tyres:
Hard - Kobayashi (798); Medium - Senna (869); Soft - Ricciardo (1,012);
Supersoft - Raikkonen (237); Intermediate - Alonso (145); Wet - Kobayashi (104)

Highest top speed reached by a P Zero F1 tyre: 248.241 kph (154.254 mph) Hamilton / Italy Qualifying

Slowest top speed reached by a P Zero F1 tyre: 161.828 kph (100.558 mph) Schumacher / Monaco

Most fastest laps in 2011: Sebastian Vettel (5 in race / 6 in qualifying)

Distance covered by Pirelli's Renault R30 test car in 2012: 7,012 kms (4,537 miles)

Number of different test tracks visited by Pirelli staff this year (incl. private tests): 9


Total number of pit stops for the year: 957 (of which 14 were a Drive Through and 2 a Stop & Go penalty)

Total average number of stops per race: 47.9, i.e. 1.9 per driver

Most pit stops in a race: 76 (Malaysia)

Least pit stops in a race: 24 (United States)

Fastest pit stop time: 2.31s (McLaren / Jenson Button at the German Grand Prix)


Number of overtaking manoeuvres in 2012: 994 (not including Brazil)

Most overtaking manoeuvres in a dry race: 90 at the 2012 C hinese Grand Prix

Most overtaking manoeuvres in a wet race: 76 at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

Least overtaking manoeuvres in a dry race: 12 at the Monaco Grand Prix


Total kilometres driven by all the P Zero compounds in 2012 (races and tests): Hard - 101,692 (63,190
miles); Medium - 121,840 (75,709 miles); Soft - 123,270 (76,598 miles); Supersoft - 21,993 (13,666
miles); Intermediate - 13,770 (8,556 miles); Wet - 7,930 (4,927 miles)

Coldest track/ground temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: United States Grand Prix at 11 degrees
Celsius (17.11.); coldest overall: Jerez winter testing at 0 degrees C elsius (10.02.)

Hottest track/ground temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: Brazilian Grand Prix at 55 degrees Celsius (23.11.)

Coldest air/ambient temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: United States Grand Prix at 4 degrees Celsius (17.11); coldest overall: Jerez winter testing at -2 degrees C elsius (10.11.)

Hottest air/ambient temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: Grand Prix of Europe at 37 degrees Celsius (21.06.)

Amount of time spent downloading all tyre data on the RTS system this year (incl. tests): 92 hrs

Number of track/air temperature taken by tyre fitter per race weekend: 124

Total distance travelled by all F1 tyres in 2012 (off-track): 216,967 kms (134,820 miles)

Total number of tweets from Pirelli Media: 5,400

Words written on Pirelli press releases in 2012: 79,744

Total number of Pirelli recipe books produced (incl. translations): 10,000


Total number of Pirelli people travelling to each race: 52

Total number of nationalities within the Pirelli F1 team: 10

Average amount of hours spent by each Pirelli staff member on a plane this year: 192 hrs (or 8 days!)

Number of Pirelli wristbands given out during the season in the paddock: 4,450

Total number of hotel nights booked for the Pirelli team: 1,498


Total amount of trucks at European races: 13

Total average kilometres travelled by each Pirelli truck in 2012: 31,125 kms (19,340 miles)

Numbers of meals served at the Pirelli F1 hospitality (incl. tests): 24,132

Number of coffees served by Pirelli hospitality during the season: 28,350

Number of different pasta recipes cooked by Pirelli's chef this year: 314

Amount of mascarpone used for tiramisu and other dolci: 205 kgs


Races started: 242

Wins: 83

Pole positions: 86

Podium places: 256

Fastest laps: 90