Friday, January 25, 2013


2014 offers a great possibility for upheaval in the F1 middle kingdom. Big big changes are coming, nothing is bigger than an engine change. We all have read and discussed the changes, we all are excited about it. How will the engine sound like? How will the tires behave? How will the drivers handle it? Too many variables to discuss. Heck, one race weekend throws up so many things already even with stable rules.

But we all look forward to 2014 like a starved man lost in the desert looks lovingly and maybe a bit crazed, at a cool glass of water. So what can we expect from 2014? According to Keith from F1Fanatic, it will "absorbing" and I agree.
If F1 gets it right, this will provide an absorbing technical challenge, improve the sport’s credentials as a test bed for environmentally-friendly technology, and enhance both the strategic dimension and spectacle of the races.
I'm looking forward to the drivers getting a handle of the different feel of the engine, balance and grip. Some drivers will shine more than others. With the placement of drivers being moved around this year, it will be very interesting indeed.
The ‘drive-ability’ and power delivery of the new units should prove a challenge. And how well the drivers and cars handle that extra power will be fascinating.
Can't wait for 2014 and how 2013 will shape that. To read Keith's full article, which is fantastically loaded with details and facts you need to know, go here.

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