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Now that the season is over, we are all looking forward to the next one as we do every year. Next year will be quite different though with many major rule changes including a huge change to the engines from 2.4 litre V8 to 1.6 litre V6 turbos. The turbo era is back from the 80s - Back To The Future. I'm looking forward to the changes as this will hopefully reset the grid and not allow Red Bull to bulldoze their way through the season and make it another boring one.

Now I'm not really that technical in F1 although I am really a fanatic fan and I understand how most races will go by looking at free practice, qualifying, how the cars runs over time but these changes need a really experienced insider to know how they will affect the racing next year. That is why I'm sharing what Gary Anderson, BBC F1 technical analyst has to say about it.

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The cars that emerge at the end of January for the start of pre-season testing will look very different from those of the last few years - and they will be even more radically changed under the skin. There are significant changes to the chassis regulations and even bigger ones to the engine, which together amount to probably the biggest change in rules in a lifetime.


The V8 engines produced about 780bhp. The new turbo engines will on their own produce in the region of 620bhp or more, but the electrical energy will increase that back up to at least the same as before. Some insiders have even said total power could be as high as 840bhp at the start of 2014.


The most striking aspect of the new cars will be a much lower nose, as well as a narrower front wing, and the chassis rules could lead to some ungainly designs.


Those with long memories will recall that when fuel limits were introduced to F1 with turbo engines in the mid-1980s, races were marked in the early years by cars running out of fuel.


The engine is much more reliant on electrical power for its overall performance, so there will be no more winning races with a broken energy-recovery system, as Red Bull have done several times over the last few years.

Read the full article HERE.

Next year should be interesting again. We'll have to watch the next few months for news on teams progress and especially winter testing.

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