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Here is a collection of news and stories that were doing the rounds the past week. Some of you might have missed it, so I have collected them here for you. Those that I think are interesting and will keep us fans updated on the goings on in the sport. Also, some technical ones to keep us in the know about this new season.

Rosberg and Mercedes lead the way in test mileage

While Williams might have held off Mercedes in terms of claiming the fastest lap posted in Bahrain, that Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) failure late on Sunday afternoon not only saw the Grove outfit lose its 100% pre-season reliability record but also saw it lose out to its Brackley neighbour in terms of pre-season mileage completed.

Martini lifts Williams off the rocks

Following weeks of speculation, Williams has today confirmed a new title sponsor and with it a striking new livery. The new agreement sees Martini, the world's leading vermouth and best-selling Italian sparkling wine, join forces with Williams to become Williams Martini Racing in a multi-year agreement that unites two iconic brands.

Pirelli reveals compounds for opening races

Pirelli has announced its tyre choices for the opening four races of the 2014 Formula One season. The choices have been made to reflect the characteristics of each circuit and the all-new 2014 cars, bearing in mind all the data that has been obtained from the three pre-season tests.

Uneasy peace among the engine manufacturers?

As the Formula One fraternity gathers itself before the long haul flight to Melbourne, some within the paddock believe not all is as it should be with regards to engines. Heading in to pre-season testing it was believed Mercedes had produced the strongest power unit, as engines are now known, with Ferrari the weakest.

That Baku time of year

An interesting report about a Formula One race taking place in Azerbaijan is doing the rounds. The race will take place in 2015 or 2016 according to the report and it has quotes from F1's boss Bernie Ecclestone to back it up. The article claims that the event is expected to be held on the streets of Baku, the capital of the oil-rich country which sits at the crossroads of western Asia and eastern Europe.

Ecclestone reveals bribery trial will be 'part-time' to fit F1 calendar

He claims a recent report in the Financial Times about the implications of the trial didn't give the full picture. Ecclestone was quoted as saying "I've been looking, over the last few years, for somebody who can join me to assist with what I have to do. I will eventually be in a position, if I decide to retire - or unfortunately become dead - to have someone to step into my shoes."

Dennis: We will win races this this year

"The company was a little unfit," he admitted, "it needs to get fit and there is pain to getting fit. Hopefully everybody has got the right mind-set to understand what we expect of each other and what I expect of them. It takes time. You've got to give people time to understand what's expected of them and if they don't get there, they won't be with the company."

I'll show you how to run an F1 team!
'You don't become idiots overnight'

"To be honest with you, we have no real idea. We know we don't have the pace to challenge the Mercedes teams at the moment, but it's very much a case of see where we are in Melbourne. Then we know the scale and magnitude of what we have to climb. We don't even know our starting point at the moment, so it's impossible to make predictions sitting here in Milton Keynes a week prior to the first race. But I have every confidence in the team, and in Renault, that we can make it. Our target is [to catch up] as soon as possible."

I have no idea either..
From Bahrain test to Free practice in Melbourne: What the F1 teams are doing now

The factories will be 100% operational right now in ensuring that the cars leave with enough spares for the first race. For example ideally one wants 6 front wings at each race, with 4 being considered the bare minimum. Typically a team may go with 2 to 3 launch specification front wings and 2 to 3 Melbourne update wings, one of which will have probably been run at Bahrain. Each front wing can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to make from scratch so if any were damaged in the last track test production will struggle to replace it in time.

Insight: Behind the scenes look at how Formula 1 TV now operates team radio and other functions remotely

When you watch next weekend’s Australian Grand Prix, some of what you see and hear on your screens will be being operated by technicians sitting next to an airfield in Kent, collaborating in real time with colleagues 10,500 miles away.

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