Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Lewis Hamilton will win the World title if he finishes first or second in Abu Dhabi but what happens if he is third...Double points are on offer in the season finale in Abu Dhabi, which means Hamilton's 17-point lead could easily be negated by team-mate Nico Rosberg.

The Brit, though, is holding the advantage and an 11th race win for the season would see him secure his second Drivers' Championship.

Here is what Hamilton needs to win the title.

* A win or a P2

* To finish fifth or better and for Rosberg not to win

* Sixth or better and for Rosberg not to finish inside the top two

* Eighth or better and for Rosberg not to finish in the top three

* Ninth or better and for Rosberg to finish fifth or lower

* And if Rosberg is outside the top five, Hamilton will win the title even if he doesn't score.

Rosberg, meanwhile, cannot do it by himself as even a victory won't guarantee him the World title.

* He must win and hope Hamilton is third or lower

* If he is second, Hamilton must be sixth or lower

* If he is third, Hamilton must be seventh or lower

* If he is fourth, Hamilton must be ninth or lower

* If he is fifth, Hamilton must be 10th or lower.

Anyway, I know that Lewis is stronger and will win the championship. That's just me as I am a fan of Lewis but I'm sure Nico will give it all he's got. May the best man win!

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