Saturday, July 9, 2016


Every car I've driven has a key. Even if the manufacturer says it is "keyless entry and go" or something like that. What about an F1 car? When a Formula 1 driver goes racing, they will take several items with them to their car, including a helmet and water bottle. But one thing they never carry on them is a car key.

Formula 1 is famous for being one of the most technologically advanced motorsports in the world. The cars are so incredibly complex nowadays, that they can’t simply be started cold with the turn of a key.

But what if it was possible for current Formula 1 cars to use a car key to start them up? Since each driver has their own personal design for their racing helmet, perhaps the same would be applied to each driver’s starter key. Inspired by these thoughts, Car Keys dreamt up some custom car key designs which some of the current F1 drivers could use for their race cars.

They even have a bent key for Maldonado. To see all the designs, go HERE.

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Here is a sample.

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