Monday, September 8, 2008

We need to put the sport back into motor sport

I read this article written by DoctorVee and wholeheartedly agree with him. I think 80% of F1 fans would agree. C'mon, we want to see and enjoy the race not get fucked in the face after having enjoyed the best race of the season.

To tell you the truth, the Belgian GP was by far the best race of the season. I watched it alone and still enjoyed it. This morning after reading the news of the penalty, it just spoils the race. Now I don't really feel like watching the repeat. I had wanted to watch the race again last night.

Vee's suggestion for the setting up of a website or wiki to track the crappy decisions by the FIA"T" stewards is a good one. From there we can see for ourselves how crooked and biased the FIA"T" are towards FIArrari. Please, if you are a race fan or have a righteous attitude support this effort and make your opinion known on as many race sites as possible.

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