Monday, October 27, 2008


Wow, it's been a while since I've written anything here on my own. It was due to my busy schedule as we've had the Malaysian round of the MotoGP recently and I was working at the paddock for 5 days straight. That was tiring. At least I got s Stoner signed cap for it.

Then I started work on my new job at Johnson Controls Malaysia and it has been non stop. Now I'm on the night shift starting at 2am. And finally my home internet connection has fizzled out, which is why I've been missing for so long. So, for those who do visit my site, so sorry for the delay.

My thoughts on the season and the sason ender coming up? Not much at the moment as my brain is sleeping at 3.30am now. But I do hope that Lewis is keeping low and focusing his mind on winning but without unnecessary risk at Interlagos next week. As Martin Whitmarsh said it, a lot of noise coming out from a lot of people nowadays is just "noise" and we need to filter them out at this stage.

I will be working on race day, what a shame. So I'll be missing the first hour of the race but at least my friends at F1Fanatic will help me out with the live blog. I hope to see a clean and fair race without any unscrupulous tactics of trying to take out Lewis for Massa's benefit. if somebody did try that, their reputation would be ruined forever.

So, for now, good luck to Lewis and here's hoping for a good race.


John said...

I will skip work to catch the finale if I were could the first time to witness Lewis be crowned champ!

Whoever wins, I hope for a good, clean race for everyone. Drama would be good too, but no foul plays.

I am still waiting to see Lewsi to prove me wrong on his ability to win or make a comeback in a race when he started at the back of the field...

Alvin Kassim said...

Hi John,

Thanks again for visiting. when I saw there was a comment, I knew it was you. Anyway, whatever said and done, I really hope for a clean race and I mean clean all the way. The final race should be about ability to win and no dirty tactics. I'd like to take this race in my memory for some time to come.

trouble is I just started and can't take leave or skip work. It's not a sales job. Anyway, at least there is the Internet.