Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rubens spills the beans

Thursday 27th November 2008
Schumi hands Rubens the winner's trophy

Schumi hands Rubens the winner's trophy

Rubens Barrichello has finally spoken out about the controversial team-orders incident during the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix.

Ferrari came under fire after the race after Barrichello, leading at the time, allowed Michael Schumacher to pass him on the final lap so that the German could take maximum points for the Drivers' Championship.

The Brazilian has revealed that the team "reminded" him several laps before the chequered flag about his "duties".

Barrichello told TV show Fantastico: "At the Austrian Grand Prix (2002) I was told over the radio 'Do you know that Michael is behind you? It is important for the Championship'.

"The intensity of my conversation with the team increased with every lap while there were just a few laps to go and then I was told that they would take a closer look at my contract if I wouldn't move over.

"For me it was pretty clear. Take my foot off the pedal or get fired."

Schumacher has always insisted that he had nothing to do with the orders that came from the Ferrari pits.

"I was hoping that there would not be such an order," the World Champion said in the aftermath of the race.

"I didn't feel like it. I have to be honest to say now it was probably the wrong decision to win this race."

However, Barrichello claims the German was fully aware of what was going on despite his claims to the contrary.

"When I asked Michael if he knew what was going on he said he had nothing to do with it. But I have documents at home to prove that he was very well aware of everything that took place."

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