Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This rumour has been going on for some time and it's a delicious rumour for many people, I must admit. Especially the press who'd love to plaster their front pages with pictures and the news. And Alonso would love to drive a Ferrari as it's a competitive car to fight for his 3rd title and get back at Lewis and McLaren.

I've dreaded this possibility for some time as I don't want to see Alonso in a competitive car. He's such a spoilt brat. But the latest rumours about it seems to carry some weight. I almost jumped out of my skin when I suddenly thought about the partner he will get should he move to Ferrari - Massa. These two have no love lost between them.

It was very obvious last year when they raced side by side at Nurburgring if I'm not mistaken, where Alonso won and Massa finished 2nd. They were reportedly swearing at each other (especially Massa) in the changing room. This would work well for Lewis if it happens as Alonso and Massa will keep each other busy while Lewis snatches the win. Woohoo!


John said...

yah, I remember that when Alonso brushed his car against Massa to take the lead and went on to win the race. These two had something going on in the Spanish GP where Massa forced Alonso wide in the first lap...and this is to get back at him.

But how things turn quickly when Alonso backed Massa to win the world title coming to the end of 2008. Just goes to show, he really hate Hamilton's guts.

Alvin Kassim said...

Yeah John..that's right. Nomatter what anybody says, we all know that Alonso hates Lewis' guts (and maybe vice versa) and Alonso is not Massa's friend.

If he should end up at Ferrari, it would be good for us fans to see the fights.

And BTW, even though I don't like Alonso, I admit he is a damn good and smooth driver. That's what makes him going to Ferrari so dangerous.