Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 Drivers' Points System

It has been revealed today that the 2009 drivers championship will be decided by the driver who wins the most races and if there is a tie, it will be decided by points. It means that drivers will have to race for wins AND points at the same time because you never know when you might need those points. So theoretically, we could still end up with a championship that is decided by 1 single point. So what is the point then Bernie?

To me this idea by Bernie is rubbish. It could decide the championship a long way before the end of the season as a lucky driver (either by his own luck or the bad luck of others) could rack up enough wins for us fans not to bother watching the championship anymore. Way to go Bernie, you idiot.

The FOTA proposal for more points for the winner is better as it will discourage drivers from settling for 2nd place as 1st place has an additional point but at the same time will maintain the competitiveness of the drivers.

Finally, I am concerned because the MP4-24 is having some pace problems now and if McLaren does not sort it out by Melbourne, then Massa might rack up his first win and Lewis will be playing catch up.


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