Friday, March 13, 2009

Allen says it's official that Brawn are fastest

Friday 13th March 2009

James Allen has urged F1 fans to 'put your money on Brawn for Melbourne win' and declared that 'it's official' that Brawn GP boast 'the fastest car in the F1 field' ahead of the new season.

According to Allen, the former ITV commentator, 'The Barcelona test, which finished on Thursday, could well go down as one of the most remarkable events in recent F1 history' as the back-from-the-dead rebranded Honda outfit 'showed that it is faster over the race distance than the Ferrari!'

Writing for his official website, JamesAllenonF1, he continued in an apparent tone of giddiness: 'It looks very much as though the battle for victory in Melbourne will be between Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello, as long as the car lasts the distance.

'If you make a direct comparison between the race distance runs of Massa and Button on Wednesday and Barrichello on Thursday you see that Jenson does 19 laps below 1m 21, Barrichello does 14, while Massa manages just 2!

'What is even more impressive is that on the 19th lap of his 20 lap first stint Rubens does a 1m 19.971 - startling proof that the Brawn looks after its tyres very well over a long run. The team really are in amazing shape! In contrast the Ferrari's lap times tail off into the 1m 22s at the end of the 20 lap stints.'

Massa has subsequently admitted that, regardless of the teams' respective fuel levels, Ferrari simply could not match the pace displayed by Brawn GP to top the timesheets in Melbourne.

Source : Planet F1

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