Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bernie: New system will be used in 2010

Monday 23rd March 2009

Bernie Ecclestone insists the 'winner-takes-all' Championship system "will be" used in 2010 even if the team's aren't in favour.

Last week the FIA shocked the F1 community when they announced that this year's Championship would be decided on the number of race wins. But 48 hours later motorsport's governing body were forced to back down after the Formula One Teams' Association questioned the validity of the FIA's ruling.

And even though the teams are clearly not in favour of the plan, Ecclestone insists it will be implemented next season.

"It will be supported by the FIA and it will be in the regulations. So when people enter the championship, that's what the regulation will be," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"To make any changes when the entries have closed you have to get the unanimous agreement of all the people that have entered. It would appear that some of the teams don't like the idea."

The F1 supremo added that in his opinion Formula One has missed out on a great chance to improve racing this season.

"It's logic - you go to athletics and you look at the 100 metres, you're not looking at the guy that's second, you're looking at the winner. In most sports, people are looking at winners," he said.

"It's very simple, when people start the race I want them to want to win. I don't want them sitting there, which is what Lewis Hamilton did, quite rightly, a couple of times last year.

"He even admitted to me he could have won. Didn't need to, why should he take a chance falling off the road or wrecking the car to get two points?"

Source : Planet F1

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