Thursday, March 19, 2009


A lot has been made of the global recession and it's effects on everyday life including our beloved sport Formula 1 (which bernie is trying to kill by the way). All sorts of problems have cropped up with teams, drivers, staff, suppliers, tracks, advertisers, fans - you name it. All these parties have been affected in some way by the global crisis.

And all these parties have been asked to bite the bullet and take it like a man. Change, adapt or perish they are told. And so, they have had to make changes. No choice. For the love of the sport, we have to change. But i have to ask one thing - how come one person doesn't have to change? That person is Bernie Ecclestone. How come Bernie can continue to make stupid changes to the sport and charge stupid amounts to circuits to stage races?

In this horrible financial climate, Albert Park has to cough up $47m to stage the race next week. This idiot Bernie is the cancer of F1 now. He might have brought it up to where it is the greatest sport in the world but he's killing it now. I say somebody should hit him the head with a truck to wake him up. Then again, maybe we won't have to as his ex-wife will do that with the billion pound divorce. But then again, maybe he'll have to increase the fees some more after the divorce to cover his losses. Whatever the case, we - the fans - lose again.

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