Friday, March 6, 2009

FOTA pushing for points-system changes

Thursday 5th March 2009

The Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) are calling for a minor adjustment to the current point-scoring system that would see the race winner handed a greater advantage.

FOTA released the results of their global audience survey on Thursday, citing five main areas that came up with F1 fans around the world.

The survey revealed that spectators have no quibbles with the format of grands prix and as such do not want to see 'handicapping, sprint races, reversed grids or one-on-one pursuit races.' They also did not feel that qualifying should undergo a major overhaul and nor should pit stops be done away with. But, if refuelling is taken out of the pit stop mix, there won't be too many complaints.

One for the television broadcasters is that fans reckon F1 needs to do more to become consumer-friendly, with many complaining that local broadcasters limit their F1 viewing.

The fifth point to be raised was regarding F1's current points-scoring system. At present first place gets 10, second 8, third 6, fourth 5, fifth 4, sixth 3, seventh 2 and eighth 1 point.

Fans, though, would like to see the race winner given a greater reward for his efforts and therefore FOTA have called for first place to now be awarded 12 points.

The driver who finishes second would get 9, third would get 7, fourth would get 5, fifth 4, sixth 3, seventh 2 and eighth 1 point.

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh, speaking at FOTA's meeting on Thursday, confirmed the request for a change in the system.

"Audiences desire greater Championship recognition for race winners and our proposal is to offer greater rewards for the race winner," he said.

Source : Planet F1

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