Saturday, April 11, 2009

Haug: Yes, Lewis may quit McLaren

Not sure this is true but from what Anthony said to me before he left Malaysia, there was never any intention to quit. This getting tiring. I think I will not entertain anymore rumours after this.
Thursday 9th April 2009

McLaren's chance of retaining Lewis Hamilton could rest on the outcome of their April 29th WMSC hearing as Merc boss Norbert Haug says the Brit was and is still considering quitting.

Reports emerged in Malaysia on Sunday, a day after Hamilton apologised to his team and his fans for 'deliberately misleading' the Australian race stewards, that the 24-year-old could walk away from McLaren - and even Formula One.

Team boss Martin Whitmarsh denied these claims but couldn't stop the rumours with the British media claiming earlier this week that Hamilton's father and manager Anthony was considering advising his son to leave the team for one that is 'less prone to shooting themselves in the foot.'

And now, in the wake of the FIA's decision to haul McLaren before the World Motor Sport Council to answer charged adhering to that Australian GP stewards hearing, someone at McLaren has finally admitted that 'yes, Hamilton could leave.'

"Lewis had a very hard time from Thursday until Sunday in Malaysia - and this demonstrates that he is an honest person," Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug told the Bild.

"The topic (of quitting) is very close to him and it remains very close to him. When such a thing happens all possible thoughts go through a person's head."

Haug, though, did not go into details about whether it was just McLaren that the defending World Champ would walk away from or if he was thinking of leaving F1 entirely.

Source : Planet F1

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