Sunday, April 19, 2009


What a race. After all the bullshit that has been going on since Melbourne, today's race was such wonderful excitement. The rain helped in a way though it was quite heavy, something like Fuji 2007.

It started with the SC. I didn't even notice the race had started because of that but after the SC went in, Vettel really put the hammer down. He didn't put a foot wrong this whole race, again showing what a masterclass he is in the rain. I'm sure the Red Bull car has been designed correctly and will dominate this season. it does not have KERS or the double diffuser but yet manages to threaten the Brawns from day 1 in Melbourne and keeps showing its pace even in the rain. Reliability is good too. Can't imagine the performance when they get new upgrades soon like a new diffusser.

The Brawns were outclassed here though still formidable even in the rain. It looks like the Brawns are built for multi weather missions. Button and Barrichello were in control and smooth. Alonso didn't fare so well, his strategy fucked up. And Piquet was hisnusual self, spinning without intervention. I don't think he will last very long there. What with a superb performance from Buemi the rookie. He managed to score his maiden points after only 3 races.

The BMW s were not much in the picture with a lacklustre performance, the only excitement was when Jubica rammed Trulli from behind. Quite a big crash but he managed to continue. Amazing. Only Glock shone for Toyota who managed to score some points.

Ferrari..Ferrari..another day to forget but a day to rejoice for me. Massa had a DNF due to some sort of electrical problem or engine failure. His car just stopped on track suddenly, he got out and flapped his arms around in frustration (mpphh..sorry). Kimi was his usual self in the rain. He had no real pace and was hesitant, even scared at the braking points. He was overtaken maybe 7 or 8 times, 3 of those by Lewis Hamilton. He was really treading carefully thereby losing time and positions.

McLaren fared better, both cars finished the race in the points. Kovallainen did a good job, stayed under the radar, did some overtaking but generally held his line well and finished with points..finally. Lewis on the other hand was mixed. I really enjoyed his agressive racing and no holds barred overtaking, he did maybe 7 or 8 overtaking moves (half of those on Kimi) and could have finished top 5 or even on the podium. But somehow, he spun too many times even by his standard. It was amazing when he spun, lost positions and re-took them. But the spins were unnecessary. He could've handled it better.

The saddest part of the race was Sutil. He was on his way to score some points in 7th when he spun out and crashed with his tyres flying across the track. I was surprised there was no SC or red flag. The last time he was about to get points was in Monaco when Kimi rammed his back. Really felt for him.

The Williams were nowhere to be seen except for a few spins, quite a few spins by Nakajima. Rosberg not delivering the promise..again.

All in all, a great race due to the rain. But even without the rain, it would've been incredible to watch as well with Vettel up front battling the Brawns in that incredible Red Bull. Look out for that car. And McLaren are showing promise of improvement. This season should be a cracker as long as the FIA and Bernie get the fuck out when the red lights go off.

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