Thursday, April 9, 2009


Again we have shit politics as the FIA is dragging McLaren back to court at a WMSC hearing on April 29. Just like what happened in 2007 and many other times before, it seems that the FIA is intent on destroying McLaren and to a certain extent Lewis Hamilton. The reasons are clear. Max Mosley is intent on kicking out Ron Dennis from F1 (by destroying McLaren) and whether he likes it or not, has powers in the shadows that is intent on getting rid of the first black driver in history.

It is obvious to race fans like me and millions of others that the racism, double standards, incompetence and all out hatred in F1 is so clear being practised in broad daylight. It is being perpetrated at the highest level by the FIA. It is destroying the sport and bringing it into disrepute almost on a daily basis.

If the FIA are talking about McLaren and Lewis bringing the sport into disrepute, then there are double instances of other teams and drivers doing things that bring the sport into disrepute but nothing happens. Why? Because those teams are not McLaren and those drivers are not black. Even if I don't want to belive in it, I have no choice as the FIA and their co-horts keep pushing it in my face that I have to believe it. It's as if they get paid everytime they do some of their shit.

The only solution is for F1 to get away from the FIA and to a certain extent Bernie as proposed by the organiser of the Canadian GP. The idea makes so much sense that I wished they'd do it tomorrow. The teams are the asset, they are F1 and without them there is no sport. Bernie and FIA would have nothing. Why should the teams and us fans depend so much on FIA as if we owe them our lives?

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