Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whitmarsh: Some people are out to get us

Monday 20th April 2009

Martin Whitmarsh has denied reports that Lewis Hamilton's mechanics are furious with the Brit, saying such claims are nothing more than a campaign designed to "get us."

On Sunday, the Daily Mail claimed that the McLaren mechanics were livid with Hamilton, blaming him for the sacking of sporting director Dave Ryan in the wake of the liargate scandal. Furthermore, it was reported that Hamilton's mechanics were also unhappy with rumours suggesting that the World Champion was looking to leave the team.

"They have all known Davey for many, many years and are upset he became the fall guy," a McLaren team insider told the newspaper.

"Then there was the talk of Lewis threatening to quit the team. That did not go down well because we feel he should have shown more support after the work we've done for him. The guys put all the hours in and don't get anywhere near the rewards he does."

Whitmarsh, though, has refuted the report, declaring he believes it's just a campaign aimed at unsettling those at Woking.

"Lewis has come to me at the last two grands prix and told me he loves the team and this is where he wants to be," the McLaren team boss told The Daily Mirror. "He's asked me what he can do to help.

"This talk of him being disliked by his mechanics over what happened to Davey is just rubbish. The reality is that there is an agenda here: some people are out to get us.

"But we have to accept things are going to be tough for a while and just get on with it. Champions have to be hard as nails, but Lewis is different because he also has this humanity and that gets misunderstood sometimes."

Source : Planet F1

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