Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It has been a tiring and sickening few weeks as the politics of F1, especially the childish and loony attitude of FIA President Max Mosley came to a head. Fortunately, the FOTA alliance managed to pressure him to rescind the crappy and loony regulations that he likes to come up with, if not in 2010 the teams will waste even more money on loony things.

But, all is not as serene as we would like to think. Assuming that Mad Max really leaves the office, who would be his replacement? Is there a suitable candidate out there? I'm sure there is an experienced administrator with experience and passion in motorsports. But will this person be allowed to govern? Or would Max rather have a stooge in place for him to govern via proxy? The name Jean Todt has been bandied around and I for one am hoping that that is a very sick joke and that we'll get over it in the morning.

Jean has been linked to Mosley many times and was from Ferrari. It would be biased (if not already) of the FIA to have Todt as president. Plus he is currently spending a million dollars of my money on holidays every year while not really promoting my country. And he's ugly.

Talking about ugly, not really, sorry I joke. Kubica is fast running out of engines it seems. At this rate he's gonna be really pissed at BMW before the end of this season as he's not only driving a slow car but the lest few races he'll have tom start at the back of the grid due to engine change penalties. Poor Kubica.

Next year's regulations are to be the same as 2009 but with some changes. I'm not sure about the details as it has not been published yet but one thing is for sure, re-fuelling will be banned. I'm not too sure how to make of that as I was not watching F1 when there was no re-fuelling. There will still be pitstops for tyres I suppose but those stops will be super fast, no more overtaking in the pits..which is good. But setting up a car will be more difficult as you'll have to start the race with a full load. Not making it to the end when you are leading would be a pain too.

No surprise really that Brawn has dominated this season. Funny thing is it still surprises and it's still interesting waiting and watching the next race even when we know how strong Brawn is. Most F1 fans know why Brawn is so strong but did you know they had access to 5 wind tunnels? 5? Does Honda have that much money? They were said to have spent EUR500 million. No wonder the car is perfect.

And finally, a bit of good news and something to cheer about. Ron Dennis might return to the paddock IF Max fucks off. I'd be happy to see Ron back in the pits. He'll be able to help McLaren reduce the mistakes they make in the pits during races. I wouldn't want them to turn into another Ferrari with blunder after blunder in the pits. Welcome back Ron!

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