Friday, June 26, 2009


Phew! What a relief, at least we'll still go racing next year with everybody and most importantly, we'll be rid of Max (and hopefully his goons too). It's just too much of a dictatorship and crappy rules with Max around which really fucks up the fans, i.e. you and me. I really hope Max goes for good but he has a tendency to have his dirty coils everywhere. In fact, he is already trying to find excuses to stay on.

The most important thing is FOTA have won and the sport will be run properly with the fans, teams and sponsors in mind. Hopefully, the new management will seriously look into what the fans want and what is good for the sport.

What we need is a unified rules, which does not favour one team above the rest (read Ferrari), rules that does not change every 6 months, stewards that do not bend the rules to favor certain teams, outright stupid stewards with double standards and a governing body that comes out hare-brained ideas that wastes money, time and effort.

We as fans just want to watch the show, support our teams and drivers. We want to see the results for ourselves on the track, not decided in some court room. Please FOTA, bring security and stability to the sport so we may watch in peace.

And on that note, condolences and peace to Michael jackson who passed away yesterday. He was the man.

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