Friday, July 31, 2009

BMW leaves F1

A sad day indeed for motorsport when one of its best known names has decided to leave the pinnacle of motorsports and such a great team and manufacturer at that. BMW is my favorite car, they produce one of the best drivers' cars ever which not only performs but looks good, exuding class and quality. I was hoping they'd stick around for a while because 2009 with the rule changes was only a blip on the radar, a speed bump. I'm surprised they thought this way. I do hope that somebody takes over the team and a BMW engine would still be on the grid next year, just look at Brawn.

Meanwhile, the shock announcement has shocked their own drivers as Nick Heidfeld says "BMW's decision to withdraw from Formula One came out of the blue." Not sure what Kubica had to say, he's probably losing his mind in his trailer as he could have finished 2008 nearer the top had BMW thrown their resources at last years' championship. I guess he now has to look for another job at a team that is really hungry to win.

The other manufacturers Mercedes and Toyota were quick to re-affirm their position to stay in the sport, though I'm not so sure about Toyota. They are under pressure to perform amid losses at their car division. The loudest noise is coming from Renault though, their silence is deafening. Ferrari is also quiet but we'd all expect them to stay no matter what.

The FIA and Max will be gloating as Max jumps on the "I told you so bandwagon". I hope this doesn't weaken FOTA and is another way for Max to solidify his position in the FIA even in retirement.

The ashes have not even settled yet and the small fishes have already started biting. Epsilon has revealed their interest to take over BMWs' place on the 2010 grid. Expected really after the farce that Max Mosley engineered for new teams to enter next year.

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